Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini’s almost 30-year career on the stage and screen includes the first season of American Idol where he performed in front of 30 million viewers each week, starring roles in 6 Broadway productions, as well as his wildly popular character “Lil’ Sweet” as seen on national Diet Dr. Pepper commercials in America.      

In addition to being a sought-after performer, he has mentored leaders across a wide spectrum of businesses & disciplines and has helped his clients go from struggle to strength in their health, wealth, and relationships.

Justin created his company Profit Under Pressure, LLC to serve an ever-growing list of leaders, influencers, coaches and entrepreneurs who have come to him seeking the next level of achievement and success in their lives.Utilizing Justin’s “Unshakeable Core Confidence™️ Method“, his clients have unlocked deep and lasting passion, fulfillment, and joy for themselves as well as the lives of the people they impact.