Brett Lorenzini

Born and raised in Kent, England, Brett Lorenzini has wanted to be an actor since a young age.  However, a strong yearning for sports, especially soccer, deterred him for a while.

Balancing acting and sports for many years, Brett has been an avid soccer player since he was five years old, having even gone professional for two years playing center midfield for the EBBS Fleet United in England.  Yet it was his passion to be an actor that led him to study acting for two years at the National Youth Theatre in London and later moving to Hollywood to pursue his dream.

Arriving in California, Brett immediately landed the coveted role of “Troy” in the hit HBO-TV series True Blood for its’ final season.  Several independent films followed his debut on American television. Brett was also seen in the popular “Hey Siri” iPhone commercial opposite Selma Hayek.

Brett spends his time between Los Angeles and New York, is an admirer of romantic comedies, and still plays soccer recreationally on several entertainments teams.